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August 17, 2018 Garden Design

Ideas Garden Wall Planter

Stone garden wall planter along the side of a house landscaping create a beautiful focal point that adds precision to a house and artistically starts blooming flowers carefully selected. Gardening these planters is easier than gardening on the ground floor, as they do not have to bend as far to reach your plants. The stone helps retain moisture, making a raised bed you do not need excessive watering.

Wall Mounted Baskets Modern

Wall Mounted Baskets Modern

Use chalk to mark the area landscaping throughout your home where you want to install the garden wall planter. Your home will determine the size of the pot. Just make sure the pot is at least 24 inches deep in order to allow plenty of room for planting. Arrange the masonry so that all the stones of similar size in the same stack. This reduces the amount of time you have to spend finding appropriately sized rocks as you’re building your planter.

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Place a single layer of styling on the chalk line, mark the area where your garden wall planter will. The stones should be placed closely together, but do not overlap. Use your largest for this lower layer rocks. Add several layers over styling on top of the first layer, always make sure that the rocks fit tightly.

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