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How to Sterilize a Covered Garden Stool

The stools that have covered a garden for a long time will damage the lawn and leave the unhygienic garden. That is why it is important to clean and take the garden stool correctly in order to make it sterile again. There are several methods and tools for removing the faces, but most of the tools sold specifically for this are complicated and inefficient. When you start using the tools and the right materials, your garden will quickly clean.

Garden Stool Image

Garden Stool Image

Directions to sterilize a covered garden stool: Vista rubber gloves. This will prevent your hands from getting dirty and contract any possible bacteria from feces. Remove all feces to shovel and rake. Throw them in the garbage bag.

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Mix two parts of disinfectant with a hundred parts of water in a bucket. For easier measurement, place a third of disinfectant Cup in four liters of water.

Place a small amount of disinfectant in the areas where feces were. Let the solution stand for ten minutes to ensure that the surface is disinfected. Remove the disinfectant spraying water with a hose in these areas. Let the surface of garden stool dry for 24 hours so that the disinfectant smell evaporates.

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