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August 24, 2018 Stair Design

How to Design Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps are essential for the development of mobility and independence of wheelchair users and should be part of the planning phase for all new public buildings. Simple and inexpensive to design a ramp for wheelchairs perfectly suited to their own needs.

Image of Wheelchair Ramps

Image of Wheelchair Ramps

Directions to design wheelchair ramps: measure the height of the phase or phases to be replaced with the ramp. Measure the length of the distance between the top and the base, and then add it to the length between the base of the measures and any nearby walls or other obstacles.

12 Inspiration Gallery from How to Design Wheelchair Ramps

Image of: Wheelchair Ramps Stylish
Image of: Wheelchair Ramps Picture
Image of: Wheelchair Ramps Image
Image of: Modern Wheelchair Ramps
Image of: Telescoping Wheelchair Ramps
Image of: Simple Wheelchair Ramps
Image of: Style Wheelchair Ramps
Image of: Iron Wheelchair Ramps
Image of: Great Wheelchair Ramps
Image of: Modular Wheelchair Ramps
Image of: Picture of Wheelchair Ramps
Image of: Image of Wheelchair Ramps

Multiply the step height in inches by twelve to find the length of the ramp you will need. A 1:12 gradient is good for a ramp that there is not too steep to climb in a wheelchair, but is also too long to be positioned in most corridors or external.

Finally, to design wheelchair ramps, compare this calculated length with the free space available. If the calculated length is smaller than the free space, the ramp will work. If the length is greater than the free space, consider a slightly higher gradient of a ramp or even two stages those folds back on itself to reduce the overall length.

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