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August 29, 2018 Planters Ideas

How to Build Wagon Planter Landscape Timbers

Wagon planter landscape timbers is a useful material when gardening and building structures that support external conditions. Flat plates that are not treated suffer in times of rain and rot faster than doing treated wood for landscaping purposes.

Car Wagon Planter

Car Wagon Planter

Directions to build wagon planter landscape timbers: drill the holes 1 ½ inch two centimeters in the 2-by-3 wooden plywood feet. Place four inches landscape timbers lengths of the front end and the back part of timber. Lay two pieces of landscape timbers at the front and back of plywood. Screw the first layer walls in place. Place two pieces along the sides and two pieces for the front and back.

10 Inspiration Gallery from How to Build Wagon Planter Landscape Timbers

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Cut a notch in one end of the piece of wood landscape, which is the wagon tongue. Place the end of piece wooden board in the slot. Screw uncut end of the tongue to the center of the front. Leave to sticking out the front. Hammer the pin at the top of the table for the wagon handle.

Finally to build wagon planter landscape timbers, cut four wheels round some plywood. Attach these wheels at the sides of the legs. Paint or stain the cart with the product weatherproof. Allow treated wood to dry thoroughly before planting.

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