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August 28, 2018 Stair Design

How Boring Stairway Balusters

Balusters support the banister, protect people from falling over the side of the stairs and improve the overall appearance of the same. When you install stairway balusters, you have to secure the steps using a drill but uses a different product when secures each one to the rail. Also, unless you have purchased a railing in a kit, balusters also require a court to order before you can drill in place. Plan the layout of the balusters. You can install one, two or three balusters per step. The step relates to the top of each step or landing.

Stairway Balusters Design

Stairway Balusters Design

Measure the width of the base of the stairway balusters. After the step, measured from the rear to the front of the step and mark this measurement on the step. If you are installing a second baluster on the step, again measured from the first mark the center of the central baluster and place another mark in the center of the tread.

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Image of: Stairway Balusters Design

Inspect the bottom of the stairway balusters to pre screws or pins inserted. If pins are not installed, drills a hole of 2.54 cm in the center of the bottom of the baluster. Place wood glue in a double-ended screw pin, and then screw the bolt into the hole.

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