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August 29, 2018 Planters Ideas

Grow Herbs on Windowsill Planter

Grows herbs on your windowsill planter and you’ll have fresh herbs all year round. Are adorable plants will add a nice touch to your kitchen, and its aroma is an extra benefit. Add some fresh herbs to your dishes as they have better flavor than the dried and are not as strong. The best choices for a garden window are chives, mint, thyme, parsley, basil, marjoram, oregano and rosemary. Purchase small herb plants in a garden center or nursery. Choose compact, evenly colored plants. Avoid those that are long and thin.

Cute Windowsill Planter

Cute Windowsill Planter

Prepare a pot for each windowsill planter. Do not try to mix species in the same container as they may have different growth requirements. Each container must have a drain hole and at least 6 inches deep. Place a drain pan or saucer under each plant. Fill the container with potting commercial preparation is of good quality and has good drainage.

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Place the herbs in containers, at the same depth they were planted in the nursery container. Water them immediately. Herbs watered whenever the soil is completely dry. Allows water to run through the drain hole, and then let the windowsill planter drain completely. Empty the drain pan and never let the pot resting on water and herbs tend to rot in soggy soil.

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