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Best Raised Bed Garden Ideas

August 10, 2018 Garden Design

Attractive Garden Edging Tips

Garden edging serves several purposes. Prevents grass to grow on beds and kept garden plants grow on lawn, which eliminates need to regularly Spade around crop areas. This is a nice garden landscape and decorative aspect. Define garden area and creates a clear line of demarcation between lawn and garden. Gardeners and landscapers have a wide range of materials with edges to contain gardens, including live plants, wood, metal, plastic, recycled materials, stones and bricks.

garden edging Ideas

garden edging Ideas

Stones and rocks are very attractive garden edging materials, creating a natural casual look. Large field stones medium sized river rocks or sandstone cut all create a solid barrier to edge lawn to prevent them from invading your garden, especially when set in a small pit cut grass around garden space. Other materials include stone and granite edging rock, broken slate, gravel and artificial rocks made of cast concrete.

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Bricks are versatile garden edging. Use laid them flat or stands vertically in a trench surrounding garden bed. Stack joined them with mortar to form a garden border of raised bed. Bricks sunk in a trench at an angle edges form a border on top. Create a mixed with bricks and field stones border river rock alternating every two or three bricks.

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